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Re: Dedication of AO-40

Sounds good to me!

At 08:24 AM 11/21/00 -0500, Bronson wrote:
>With AO-40 now in orbit and in the process of commissioning, I had a
>thought.  AO-40 has rightly been given a dedication in memory of Werner
>Haas.  Since commissioning will proceed slowly over the next 9 months or
>more, perhaps we might consider giving AO-40 a specific name, in memory
>of Verner Haas and the mission of the satellite.
>Once AO-40 is declared fully operational with solar panels deployed and
>happily in final orbit, why not christen AO-40 with a name along the
>lines of HASS (Haas Amateur Satellite Station)?  I am sure others could
>come up with better combinations and I encourage them to do so.
>AO-40 has a potential to serve the amateur community and the public
>(schools, universities... etc.) like no amateur satellite ever has.
>Despite its long gestation period it is a quantum leap in integration
>and sophistication certainly within the amateur satellite field and in
>some ways beyond.
>Shouldn't we consider giving it a name that reflects, reinforces and
>recognizes the commitment of the builders and the support of the
>international amateur radio community?
>We name other satellites after folks like Hubbell, Cassini, Chandra...
>why not name AO-40 in honor of Werner Haas?
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