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Re: source for square aluminum tubing?

In a message dated 00-11-20 15:01:09 EST, Mark writes:
> Does anybody know of a good source for square, hollow aluminum tubing?  I'd 
> like something about 1/2" on a side, to use for construction of a 2.4GHz 
> helix (a la G3RUH's article).    Lengths of like 6' or 8' would be best 
> (but a 4' length might suffice).
Hi Mark,

   The aluminum rod I used is commonly found in most hardware stores
in the "towel rod" section.  Look for a bin of plain square aluminum 
towel rods.  In my local Home Depot and Lowes hardware stores they 
carry these aluminum towel rods in twenty-four and thirty inch versions.  
The rod is just a little more than a half-inch on a side.  I built a "big" 
G3RUH helix on the thirty inch square aluminun rod.  (I doubt anyone 
has built a six foot or eight foot helix for 2.4 Ghz for AO-40.  Anyone?)

   These towel rods are thin walled aluminun which makes for a nice
light weight helix, which is easy to hold in one hand or mount on
a tripod.  Just be careful you don't press too hard when drilling the
holes.  Cost: about two dollars!

   While you are at the hardware store, you can also get a nice 
round reflector for the helix in the air duct section of the 
hardware store.  Look for a round six inch (or so) end cap for 
an air duct.  It's round with about a two inch "lip" on the side.  
The lip might be good for protecting the back side of the connector 
from the rain (although, I haven't tried mine in the rain yet).

   Get some teflon spacers in the "connectors" section, some
copper wire from somewhere, an N connector, and a piece of 
brass from the hobby store for the matching section and you've 
got yourself an S-band helix!

   I'll meet you on an S-band downlink when it's turned on!

See you on the birds,

Douglas KA2UPW
"Satellite/QRP/Mobile...all at the same time!"
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