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Re: Phase 3D Telemetry...AO-40

I admit I have checked the "event" checkbox....I will "stew" in my 
interpretation for a while...mostly that's how I learn... If events are 
snapshots...do they say that AO-40 has been in U Xmit at some time?


In a message dated 11/21/2000 12:29:01 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
ne1h@highrf.com writes:

<< As more and more people either connect to an internet feed of AO-40
 telemetry or are monitoring it themselves, a couple of thoughts come to
 First.... *Dont* select the "event" checkbox in P3T.  Or go read the manual
 about events first.  I've seen people suggest that the U TX is on when we
 all know that it isn't.  This is usually because they had the event box
 checked and happened to get an event frame of data.  Events are "snapshots"
 in time and are *not* real-time information.  If you like, you can see the 9
 events that have been generated by clicking the events button, but you'll
 have to wait for them to be downloaded to you and you'll have to keep them
 in order, they don't seem to always come in order.
 If you turn events off, you'll then be back in real-time telemetry mode.
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