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Newbie Questions

on 11/20/00 8:30 PM, Matt Henderson at kb3drq@yahoo.com wrote:

> IS Ao-40 operational??? IS it workable. Is it a LEO
> satellite, or does it have a different orbit?


This is going to be a question we get asked many, many times in the coming

Since there are going to be many, many new people on this list, let me try
to do some elmering here on the birds.

1.) The first and best place to get information about the satellites is on
the AMSAT webpage.  There are descriptions of each bird.  There is also a
great document called "Working the Easy Sats" or something like that.

2.) The other place to get information on the satellites is from the ARRL.
I would suggest to anyone interested to get a handbook and read the
satellite section.  Also, the Satellite Experimenter's Handbook and
Satellite Anthology are also excellent.

3.) Joining AMSAT will also help.  You'll support future projects and also
you'll get the AMSAT Journal with all sort of good stuff in it.

4.) This list.

Many, many questions can be answered by reading these methods.

Now, as I hate and find it rude to just refer someone to a book, let me
answer the original questions.

1.) AO-40 is NOT a LEO it will end up being in a highly elliptical Molinya
type orbit.  This will take about 9 months.
2.) No, the satellite is not operational for anyone to use but the control
operators.  The bird is being commissioned and will be for some time.  In a
month or two some limited operation will be available but really only to
those with pretty good stations as the bird will have an apogee that is far,
far out there (45,000 miles or so).
3.) You can expect the bird to be fully usable in about a year.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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