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Re: AO40 Keps set #3 and magnetorquing

My sincere appologies for any difficulties with updates due to my lack of
advance in epoch time --  I was a bit naiive about the possible
repercussions.  This issue was first brought to my attention yesterday by
Paul Williamson KB5MU's astute observation.  I will advance the epoch time
for all future estimated Keplerian elements.  Again, I regret any
inconvenience this may have caused.

73, Ken N2WWD

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From: Clifford Buttschardt <cbuttsch@slonet.org>
To: Ken Ernandes <n2wwd@mindspring.com>; <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 6:34 PM
Subject: AO40 Keps set #3 and magnetorquing

> We must have had a magnetorque event at 20Nov 23:59:45  The telemetry
> signal was affected.  It would appear that entering Along 270 and Alat 0
> degrees would be in order now as we will soon be at that point!
> Regarding Ken's Keplarian elements, they again are spot on at LOS in
> Central California--congratulations Ken!  Some members might be having
> difficulty with element set number three from an earlier set that had the
> same EPOCH time.  If you are trying to update these elements
> automatically, you may not be getting an update at all!  You may have to
> put these elements in manually one time.  The set that works well is:
> Epoch 321.07636550
> Incl 6.4414
> RAAN 247.6325
> ECC 0.7351717
> ARGP 175.8868
> MA 13.4478
> MM 2.03016775
> decay 7.56e-9
> Rev 1
> Sorry about the ElSet repeat but I thought I might as well give you the
> entire set rather than have you search for it.
> Do check to see if you are using these elements rather than a set with the
> same EPOCH and differing subelements.  73  Cliff K7RR

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