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AO40 Keps set #3 and magnetorquing

We must have had a magnetorque event at 20Nov 23:59:45  The telemetry
signal was affected.  It would appear that entering Along 270 and Alat 0
degrees would be in order now as we will soon be at that point!

Regarding Ken's Keplarian elements, they again are spot on at LOS in
Central California--congratulations Ken!  Some members might be having
difficulty with element set number three from an earlier set that had the
same EPOCH time.  If you are trying to update these elements
automatically, you may not be getting an update at all!  You may have to
put these elements in manually one time.  The set that works well is:
Epoch	321.07636550
Incl	6.4414
RAAN	247.6325
ECC	0.7351717
ARGP	175.8868
MA	13.4478
MM	2.03016775
decay	7.56e-9
Rev	1

Sorry about the ElSet repeat but I thought I might as well give you the
entire set rather than have you search for it.
Do check to see if you are using these elements rather than a set with the
same EPOCH and differing subelements.  73  Cliff K7RR

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