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Re: Mir Status 11/20/2000

> Can we still work Mir?
> All of the Amateur Radio equipment on Mir is currently disconnected,
> however, have you tried to bounce your signal off of Mir?
> It called Earth-Mir-Earth?

How about visual observation.  Last night I got on our local repeater
and announced that MIR would be visible as it flew over the Hunstville
area and explained where to look in the sky.  We had several very
excited people as they finally seen it fly almost directly overhead
as the most visible moving object in the sky.

Tonight, we will do the same exercise and add some comments
about what MIR brought to Amateur radio and that it may not be
in orbit for much longer.  Prior to this, we will also make some
anouncement about AO-40 and let folks know they can hear the
telemetry data coming down around 145.901 MHz.  AO-40 should
be very close to us around that time allowing for the signal to be
much stronger.

This does 2 things.  First, anybody listening will immediately try to
hear AO-40 as it comes closer to the earth. Secondly, they can
visually see an object flying through outer space and hopefully make
the connection that you can see or hear satellites. It is all an
education exercise to help promote satellite activity in the local
area.  Who knows, there may be several people listening to
the local repeater with a Scanner radio and enjoy the entertainment.

> Many of you may have heard of Moon bounce, also called Earth-Moon-Earth.
> Did you know you could do the same thing with the Russian Space Station
> Mir?

This might be a good topic to try on the PropNet frequencies 147.585 MHz
using UIVIEW or short APRS beacons using the Grid-In-To format like that
used for meteor scatter.  This works really well since it is automated and
just watch your screen to see if you captured a packet of data. The meteor
scatter mode in APRSdos would be excellent for this activity.  For more
information regarding PropNet, visit the www.tapr.org website.


Tim - N8DEU

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