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Help using tracking programs.

I am confused [quite normal] with tracking programs, first I must
say this is NOT a criticism of the programs, I want to know what
to look for, where should I look in my systems for problems.

Keps, I downloaded the normal keps, last week, and added Ken's
#3 set to them, took that one set and loaded them in each program,
the same one set to each program.

Computers are:-  Pentium 166, 64 Meg RAM.  DX4-100 16 Meg RAM
Laptop 486/33 8 Meg RAM.

STSplus in DX4 and Pentium, times within seconds, updated by NIST.
Orb # 11 when AO-40 Telemetry shows 9.  not important, maybe I got
the lift off wrong 16 Nov 2000 at 20:00 UTC.
Altitude on each is within 3000 Kms but differ from other programs.

Alt STSplus	23485		These all measured on the pentium
Alt Station	38405		and of course there will be some diff
Alt Fodtrack	37700		because of the change in between
Alt Wisp		38000		starting each prog, but not that much eh?

Alt STS on DX4-100    26700

Alt on Laptop running old IT	  38396

The same keps run on the pentium and Predict, AO-40 wasn't even in range,
but I have to check that.  These added AO-40 keps were checked, sometimes
3 or 4 times, and also retyped to make sure.

So basically I don't know what to trust, is there a site where the status
of a 
satellite can be checked and prove which is correct??
Let me add again I am looking for errors in my setup, systems etc NOT
in the programs because obviously they work, STS is used extensively,
lots of sat ops use the others so ??

Thanks for reading this rather long plea, it may not matter as long as I can
work the sats, but the digisats are fast moving and I could miss them
if I don't improve my setup, systems etc.

73 Peter VE7AHX.

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