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Re: AO-40 high-speed telemetry?

At 11:41 AM 11/20/2000 -0700, Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL wrote:
>It's also kind of strange that the prelaunch keps are off now. Phase 3 
>keps are normally good for weeks.

Actually, what's strange is that the prelaunch keps were so good. The 
prelaunch keps are based on the assumption that every parameter of the 
booster performs at 100.000% exactly nominal. That never happens! This 
launch was incredibly accurate, a tribute to Arianespace's calibration.

Once we get a set of on-orbit keps based on observations of the actual 
orbit, they will be good for longer predictions. That is, until the 
propulsion systems are activated!

I'm not sure why anybody is still using pre-launch keps. The ones on the 
AMSAT web page, provided by Ken Ernandes, have been updated a couple of 
times since the launch. Look at the element set number, not at the Epoch time.

73  -Paul

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