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Re: QRM from Stations on AO-10, can't receive AO-40

I wouldn't think that anybody's downlink on AO-10 would cause much QRM to
AO-40  telemetry.  It's MUCH louder than anything coming down from Ao-10.

And I think the AO-10 operators have enough savvy to stay away from it,
not only
to not interfere with it, but also because you can't hear anything else
that freq!

The SSB  stuff from  RS-13 is another story.  You're going to have a few
passes a 
day that are going to occur when AO-40 is in our range.  Satellite ops
are going to
hear the AO-40 beacon, and probably not operate in a place where they'd
to bother it.  The "regular" 15 meter SSB operators are mostly unaware
that they 
are going into a satellite so they just keep talking.

And Jerry is right!  There has been a noticeable increase in action on
More stations recently.  Yesterday  PY4AD, LU8MD, CT1DOP,  TF3MLT were 
worked from here on the west coast.

John, K6YK

On Mon, 20 Nov 2000 07:58:43 EST K5OE@aol.com writes:
> ..just a few observations on this issue:
> 1) I have noted increased activity on AO-10 in the last 5 days, and 
> have had 
> 2 QSO's with people I have not worked before who told me they have 
> not been 
> on in a long time (dusting off the old AO-13 gear).  In fact, I have 
> heard 
> QSO's spread out all the way up to 145.920, so the "AO-40 effect" 
> has been 
> nothing but positive.  Friday night's pass was downright crowded!  I 
> even 
> worked a new (for me) DX station in Argentina.  I can't remember the 
> last 
> time I heard S.A. on AO-10.
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