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Re: [dsp2232] AO-40/DSP-2232/P3T

At 04:39 PM 11/20/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Alan and the group,
>thanks for your hints with getting into AO-40 telemetry reception with
>the P3T software. It works fine with me at 9600 bit/s tbaud.
>However I seem to have difficulties with the filtering the A-blocks
>which is necessary to get into the graphics part. When I start the
>filtering of a previously recorded .raw file, no new .tlm file is generated.
>Any hints for this one?
>73, Karl

If you're using a DSP-2232, then you're only getting 512 bytes, so you're 
missing the CRCC's.  If you try to filter using the CRCC's, nothing will 
filter through because all blocks have been marked as failed.  Try 
filtering with "Ignore CRCC".  You will get an output file labelled *.tlr, 
rather than *.tlm.

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