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Re: QRM from Stations on AO-10, can't receive AO-40

..just a few observations on this issue:

1) I have noted increased activity on AO-10 in the last 5 days, and have had 
2 QSO's with people I have not worked before who told me they have not been 
on in a long time (dusting off the old AO-13 gear).  In fact, I have heard 
QSO's spread out all the way up to 145.920, so the "AO-40 effect" has been 
nothing but positive.  Friday night's pass was downright crowded!  I even 
worked a new (for me) DX station in Argentina.  I can't remember the last 
time I heard S.A. on AO-10.

2) The interference problem could well be masked by modern transceivers 
incorporating DSP.  When I turn on the digital filter on my FT-100, the 
beacon's noise goes from S5-S9 down to near the noise level (but still 
audible).  With a non-DSP receiver, most ops would simply move away to a 
clear frequency.  Now if only the noise blanker worked that well.

Jerry, K5OE

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