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Re: QRM from Stations on AO-10, can't receive AO-40

Well I choose to think Miles was speaking humorously.  But in fact Amsat's
published freq for the 2m MB was 145.880 which would have been below the
normal ssb activity band for AO-10.  Instead it is at 145.898 +/- doppler
which is almost smack on the most popular calling freq.  Today, I was
hearing it at ~145.900.

So it will take a little retraining for the AO-10 folks to get used to.
Sort of like when RS-12 beacon downlinked above 145.900 during AO-10
passes.  Once AO-40 mode uv is operational, I expect AO-10 will be largely
abandoned [if still functional].

But I sympathsize with those trying to copy telemetry right now.
Hopefully, the word will get out to stay clear of the AO-40 beacon during
these early passes so critical data may be copied.

Peace in Space!

>on 11/19/00 10:58 AM, Miles Mann at Miles.Mann@ind.alcatel.com wrote:
>> NO
>> Move the beacon
>That's a pretty idiotic response!  In fact, not at all in the true spirit of
>ham radio.
>The beacon frequencies of P3D have been long published.  We can't move the
>beacon whenever it interferes with someone elses QSO on another satellite.
>We just need to use some consideration.
>I've done it.  I moved calling CQ away from 145.9 so that I wouldn't
>interfere with it.
>Think about what you've said.
>What if we'd said that about MIR?
>> paul.willmott@omsl.bm wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> Could someone go up on AO-10 and ask the stations downlinking around 145.9
>>> on AO-10 to move. Its completely wiping out the AO-40 beacon here in
>>> Bermuda. And its right in the middle of a data dump too!

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