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Re: DSP93 leds

At 07:05 AM 11/19/2000, Jerry Pixton wrote:
>Hello All,
>Is anyone out there using the DSP93 with 400 baud telemetry demodulator
>object files coming with P3T software?

Yes!  Doppler tuning is wonderful :)  And it works great with 514 
blocks.  I've gotten quite a bit of telemetry so far.  You might try 
USB--which SB you use determines whether mic clicks are correct or not.

>I am trying to figure out the leds. Here is what I am thinking so far -

Here is the readme from the original version of the p3 modem code for 
DSP-93, from Frank Perkins:

June 25, 1995

Hi Gang,

These updated programs are for AO-13 telemetry and they will directly
feed the PC3.EXE AO-13 telemetry software. Contact w8gus@tapr.org
for more information on P3C.EXE.


       p3c93t1.obj       radio port 1, ground to tune
       p3c93t2.obj       radio port 2, ground to tune

WITH THIS PROGRAM. Data is output at 1200 bps, and DCD handshaking
is implemented as needed by P3C.EXE.

ON upper SSB, adjust the audio so the amplitude LED (6) is about
30-50 % lit as showing some variation. Start from a frequency well
below the AO-13 telemetry signal and tune upward slowly to grab the
carrier at 1200 Hz. When lock occurs, LED 3 will light. If you
continue to tune upward manually, the doppler tuning LED (4) will
light and tune the radio back down, assuming you have the down
tuning line hooked up. Otherwise, LED 4 will remind you to manually
tune to correct doppler drift.

The two LED's on the far left light up tell you that you have detected
the telemetry "sync" vector - you get 514 characters and it pauses until
it decodes another sync vector.

When you exit this SW the UART will be set up for 1200 bps so reset the
DSP-93 to get back to 19200.

73 Frank WB5IPM

  License and Disclaimer

  A no cost, non-exclusive license to use the enclosed software is granted
  to all users of the TAPR/AMSAT DSP-93 DSP computer, with the restriction
  that it be used only for non-commercial amateur radio applications. ALL
  other uses are prohibited under this license. Copyright 1991, 1992, 1993
  and 1994, Frank H. Perkins, Jr., WB5IPM. All rights reserved.

  This software is EXPERIMENTAL. It is offered AS IS, without Warranty or
  Guarantee of any kind. NO representation is made that this software is
  suitable for any purpose, or that its operation is reliable. Use this 
  strictly at your own risk. The author, AMSAT and TAPR accept no liability
  for any loss or injury arising directly or indirectly from its use.

  Never use this software under circumstances where its failure to operate
  or its failure to operate as expected, or the failure of the attendant
  hardware could create a dangerous situation, cause loss of data, or could
  cause damage to your amateur radio equipment, computer equipment, or
  any other equipment or property.

  Please contact Greg Jones at TAPR or the author for information on
  commercial licenses of this software.

  Frank H. Perkins, Jr.

>Led 1 and Led 2 light when a sync pattern is detected
>Led 3 seems to light at different rates (from off all the way to almost
>steady on) What is it indicating and how should it be used???
>Led 4 seems to be a tuning indicator of sorts, there seems to be a null
>point in the middle of its pattern. I have been trying to adjust my receive
>frequency half way in between the points were it starts flickering. How
>should I be using this led???
>Led 5 I have only seen lit once. Does it do anything??
>Led 6 seems to indicate that audio is being detected
>Led 7 comes on to indicate the program is running.
>Can anyone help?  Have been able to copy some telemetry with P3T using LSB
>and 514 byte settings - a few blocks pass the CRCC OK near perigee using
>FT847 and small Cushcraft Oscar antenna.
>Jerry, W6IHG
>Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC
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Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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