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sband check p3d not transmitting there uo11 pass fine.......

I havent tried the UO-11 satellite beacon before but it was
right on frequency and right on doppler (54 Khz) whew
2401.500 with a 9 foot dish, pretty nice signal in USB, when it
was in my beam tried NBFM on it as well.
I'm putting together a web page on this setup also have the launch
programme about 1 hours worth from tvro that I will get digitized and put
up asap. nn0v@home.com

I scanned the S band downlink band of ao40
and its dead right now..az 201 el 41 31139km 2.68n 104.92w at 21.05 11/19/00.
The 145.9 signal is OK on a 2m beam and detectable on a portable ssb rx.
.....also checked several commercial downlinks
and they are all as usual......the UO-11 just about quieted my reciever in
nbfm with its 100mw I just let it fly thru the beam, and could still
hear it as it went overhead til it  went past azmuth (30 degree offpoint)
pretty sure this setup is hot enough if they were transmitting,
attention P3d controllers let us know if you are messing with the S band.
-Chris nn0v
Also finally figured out where 2304.0 was coming from,
radiates out the back of an icom r7100 and is a harmonic of 512 mhz.

I mostly mess with broadcast satellites but this one's high enough
in frequency to get my attention.

I tried to send in some info right after launch that didnt get in:

here it is again.
----------event log for the satellite feed of arianV-------------------
mission accompl -applause 43.10 5479km 6.54km/sec 1.50.30
sep p3d t+42.12 t+2533s a=5205.0km v=6.65km/sec sep p3d 1.49.28z 19.49.28 
cdt on target
t+41.32 t+2495s a=5044.9km v=6.72km/sec 1.48.45  watch time offset: one sec 
next the release of amsat p3d graphic shown burn to direction for sep
stabilize payload
t 2444 a 4843 v 6.81km/sec
40.22 4734 6.87km/sec
replay lines disconnect slow sep main cryo eng  deluge for rocket exhaust
ballistic phase
v135 2336 4378.0 7.03 39.06 46.05
38.36 4291.6 7.0-2km/sec
v135 t2252 t37.23 tz1.44.29  a4035.4 7.20km/sec p3d rides on
v135 t2175 t36.10 tz1.43.23 a3748.3km 7.35km/sec riding p3d
V135 t2107s t+35.04  a3445.2 7.51KM/SEC ride p3d record breaking flt
v135 t2051 t+34:02 1.41.08  s-0 a3234km 7.63km.sec sep strv very small 
v135 t2000 t+33:23 1:40:29z a3057km 7.73km/sec strv1c 1d on track
v135 a2810.4 t1951 32.34 tz1.39.32 8.984km/sec
v135 a2481km t+1863s t+31:06 v8.06ikm/sec ~1.38.15
v135 a2240km v8.22km sec 29:50 19.37.06 cst 1.37.06 ut

I have launch as 1:07utc 11 15 watching here on the sat dish,
at 1:32:10 a 1351km v 8.53km/sec just about to release ep2 netxt pas1b next 
strv1c 1d  next amsatp3d
Rolling 2 videotapes, will dub to mpeg4 video in a while and put on
a website.....
I found the feed right at engine ignition and punched record.....
g4-12 99west Vert pol.
t=+1622sec at 1:34ut
t=+1667 sec at 1.34.52ut
at 2090 t1753sec 29.20mins sep pas1r great cheer

major event launch eps
pas1r 17kw power.......
pas 1r loc will be:

At 05:47 PM 11/15/00, you wrote:
>I would appreciate it if somebody would post the launch time.  It will be
>useful for a final tweak on the Keplerian elements.
>I will be unable to participate on any of the nets, but will be watching the
>Quick Time video on the Arianespace Web site.
>Thanx and 73,

Bye from Chris NN0V see you on Sunsat ISS/Alpha and P3D 430 144 and 1261 
2401 we hope.........its got its chance up there today.

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