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DSP93 leds

Hello All,

Is anyone out there using the DSP93 with 400 baud telemetry demodulator
object files coming with P3T software?

I am trying to figure out the leds. Here is what I am thinking so far -

Led 1 and Led 2 light when a sync pattern is detected
Led 3 seems to light at different rates (from off all the way to almost
steady on) What is it indicating and how should it be used???
Led 4 seems to be a tuning indicator of sorts, there seems to be a null
point in the middle of its pattern. I have been trying to adjust my receive
frequency half way in between the points were it starts flickering. How
should I be using this led???
Led 5 I have only seen lit once. Does it do anything??
Led 6 seems to indicate that audio is being detected
Led 7 comes on to indicate the program is running.

Can anyone help?  Have been able to copy some telemetry with P3T using LSB
and 514 byte settings - a few blocks pass the CRCC OK near perigee using
FT847 and small Cushcraft Oscar antenna.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC
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