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Re: FM Satellite Etiquette question....

Hello Bob!

18 Nov 00 23:45, you wrote to All:

 BS> I know it's frowned up on the "normal" Satellites that use SSB or CW
 BS> to use high power and have a strong signal, since you desensitize the
 BS> satellite receiver and prevent other stations from making it through.
 BS> However, is that the same for the FM birds?
 BS> Since FM receivers have a capture effect, and only one signal makes it
 BS> through, does it make more sense to increase the power to get the
 BS> strongest, most readable signal, so that there's less chance of
 BS> needing repeats? Obviously, once you have a strong readable signal
 BS> from monitoring the downlink, you don't increase any further, but does
 BS> running more that minimum power count as being an alligator? :-)

My own view is the old rul of using the minimum power necessary for
satisfactory communications should apply.  In the case of FM satellites, that
would imply near full quieting conditions (i.e. comfortable copy).  Any more is
being an alligator, IMHO, due to the capture effect.  You may be squashing a
QRP station...

I made a mention of that in my article entitled "satiquette", which is on my
web site, as well as linked by various other hams, including the Houston
AMSATNet page.

Tony, VK3JED

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