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AO-40 high-speed telemetry?

While crusing the AMSAT-UK web site today looking for something else,
I couldn't help but examine their P3D pages.  I came across a page
prepared by G3RWL concerning G3RUH's presentation at the Amsat-UK
Colloquium.  The page is called "P3D In-Flight Entertainment".

Quoting a small part of it:

  A data collection program will be loaded to the IHU-2 before
  launch and will run from liftoff until 10 minutes after
  separation from the Ariane rocket.  Photos (JPEG compressed),
  microphone and 3-axis accelerometer data will be collected,
  totalling 8 MBytes, a recording of 488sec duration.  That
  data will be downlinked at 9600 bps FSK in asynchronous 8N1
  serial format, with randomiser and NRZI encoding as per packet
  radio conventions, on 435.950 MHz.

Another spot on the page mentions the 400 bps downlink as a
possible backup method of receiving the data.

My question to those of you who have been poring over the 400 bps
telemetry data is if there is any indication that any of those
other data are being sent down from AO-40 at present.  No one has
yet (to my knowledge) heard the 70cm beacon or received 9600 bps
FSK data from AO-40.

I'm sure that the AO-40 flight team are fully occupied with a myriad
of tasks right now, but I can't help wondering if there is actually
a malfunction that hasn't been announced.  First of all, the world
was told to expect to hear the new bird on the 70cm beacon first,
and in a recent posting, someone looking at the 2m 400 bps telemetry
with P3T said it appeared that AO-40 was configured to be transmitting
on the 70cm beacon even though it was 2M was being received.  (Thanks
to Alan Adamson's "experiment", I'm receiving telemetry via the
Internet right now and displaying it with P3T, and the Matrix window
shows the Middle Beacon connected to the VHF transmitter, so it
appears that the telemetry and reality are in sync at the moment.)

Anyway, "the whole world is watching", so any official tidbits of info
that the flight team can drop our way in between all their other busy
activities would be greatly appreciated!  And I'll add my own echos of
thanks to everyone who made this flight a long-awaited reality!


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