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RE: Oscar 40

OOOOOH spoil-sport,

I was hoping for the controllers to have the passbands open next week!

Oh well, take the antennas down again

Paul, VP9MU
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From: Bill Schreiber
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Sent: 11/18/00 5:50 PM
Subject: Oscar 40

I was interested to note the number of people trying to get keps for AO
40. Aside from listening to the telemetry signal, there won't be much of
use with this bird for a long time. According to Paul Williamson, KB5MU,
it won't open its solar panels until it is in final position. It will
creep there and settle down 9 MONTHS from launch time. 
He said there won't be much time for ham usage since power is limited
and will be involved in checking out its systems.
The only good feature of this long time constant,  it will give various
manufacturers time to produce equipment necessary for using the full
panoply of features on the bird. Right now there is precious little
around able to handle the high microwave bands. Also, it may give
Kenwood time to get their new TS 2000 transceiver on the market.
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