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mini dxpedition to 6Y and ZF

My friend, John, N8QGC is going on his honey moon on a cruise ship. 

He will be active (Dec 4th-11th) while on the ship (when time...i mean xyl 
permits). He may not know the grid square that he is in but will have the 
lat/long and we can figure the grid afterwards. 

The ship will be in Grand Cayman Islands (EK99) on December 7. He will 
operate UO14 on the 1353z and 1530z passes. He will also operate on 
AO27 on the 1411z and 1551z passes. His call will be ZF2SE.

The ship will be in Kingston Jamaica (FK28) on December 8. He will operate 
UO14 on the 1325z and 1501z passes as well as AO27 on the 1343z and 
1524z passes. His call will be N8QGC/6Y5.

QSL via his home call, N8QGC. For those of you that don't remember John, 
he was an avid sat operator back in the AO-21 days. In fact he was the first to 
operate AO-21 while aeronautical mobile. He and a friend went up in a small 
plane he had his beam laying inside the plane as no antennas can be 
attached to the outside unless faa approved. The plane cruised around and 
twisted so that the antennas pointed to the satellite. He made a bunch of 
contacts. Now adays, the arrow antenna would have made that job easy but 
wasn't available back then.  He used to sit in his car in a parking lot with his 
70cm beam held out the window. In the snow and sub zero temperatures, that 
was a real feat. I remember one time he said he could now feel the cold from 
the metal antenna boom through his gloves and he is going to have to go 
back inside. (that's dedication)


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