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NOVA fixed; AO-40 QSB

Thanks for all the suggestions for fixing NOVA on my desktop computer.

I got AO-40 keps working on the laptop last night, so I could predict the
current pass.  I just now fixed NOVA on the desktop by deleting the
original kep set and reloading it.  Now it works?  Boy do I like computers.

I have been monitoring AO-10 since 1730 UTC [today] and have noticed an
interesting slow fade phenomena.  the signals appear to go from S2 to noise
over a several minute period.  I'm guessing since I'm using a vertical
antenna that one of the following is happening:
1.  I'm seeing a slow faraday signal polarity rotation. {my first guess}
2.  It's an artifact of my antenna pattern [omni directional with lots of
vertical gain].  Multipath?  {This explanation seems bit of a stretch}
3.  Spacecraft oreintation is slowly rotating. {squint}
4.  My receiver gain is slowly varying by 40 dB over a 10-15 min. period
{Nah}.  [S2 represents >40 dB SNR on my system]

According to NOVA: at 1855 UTC az=120.5, el=8.0, range 44,277km, and
signals are beginning to fade.  Anyone else see this QSB?  It has peaked at
1908 UTC.

73, Ed
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