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AO-40 update - AOS over VK, Nov 18 2000

Hello All!

Just been monitoring AO-40 as it rose in the west over Melbourne, Australia.
The beacon is quite strong, with the bird being only 12000 - 15000 km away at
the time.

AOS was 9 minutes before that predicted by the pre-launch Keps, at 01:14z,
instead of 01:23z

Signal reports:

On the vertical, no S meter reading, but strong audio in SSB mode.  I have
recorded the first 15 minutes or so after AOS for later demodulation, when I
get a chance to download the software demod program.  I will also put an MP3
version on the web for curious listeners.

On the HT with the SO-35 beam, signals were up to S5, 30 minutes after AOS.
Polarisation was about 20 degrees off horizontal and steady (at LOS the
previous evening, it was vertical).

The signal this time was also strong enough to open the mute on the HT with a
1/4 wave whip.

Tony, VK3JED

.. AW!
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