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AP-40 beacon info - thanks!

Thanks to the over dozen replies I received.

It appears that the beacon is strong.  WL7BQM, Mike, who is only 30 miles
from me has heard the beacon.  I don't have the 2m array up yet due to long
work hours and poor wx, but I may take a listen with my 9 dB gain 2m
vertical tommorrow.  I don't have a psk modem but thought it would be
interesting to hear it anyway.  When the 19 dBi 2m array is up I'm sure to
hear it if still visible to Alaska.  I suppose the orbit will improve over
the months as the arc-jet modifies it.

Unfortunately, I can't look at the orbit since NOVA doesn't like the AO-40
keps.  Everytime I drag the satellite into the configuration window, NOVA
decides I really want to look at is the sun instead [Grrr!].  Don't have
this problem when reconfiguring the veiw for other satellites?  Guess I
will try adding AO-10 into NOVA on my laptop and see what happens.  

Otherwise, I'll have to wait for new keps to be e-mailed with the weekly
upgrade from Amsat and hope the software recognises it in the update [I
really appreciate software that is too smart].  Untill then I guess I'll
just have to point the antenna the sun and hope that it really is AO-10 [duh].

73, Ed
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