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Coordinated effort on telemetry monitoring and distribution?

Greetings from OH,

Just as a thought, now that we have this thing called Internet ;) .. we 
have a nice worldwide tool to
collect and distribute data. As AO-40 orbit is quite speedy at times 
relative to earth ;) it might be a
good idea to develop a network of semi-permanent tracking stations across 
the globe, auto-tracking AO-40
and delivering the data they've heard into a centralized collection point. 
Anyone could participate.
As AO-40 is prepared for the final orbit, I've understood it is essential 
that the people behind the
steering wheel get as solid copy as possible of the telemetry, around the 
globe. We all could pariticipate
in this effort.

We have all the needed software at tracking end. P3T can be set to 
distribute the stuff, we have tracking
and auto-tuning software. The central data collection point needs some work 
- or has the AO-40 mission group
already thought of this? We need a piece of software that can connect to 
numerous (even 100:s of) data
collection stations and determine the correct frames, discard duplicates. 
Then there could be separate
distribution software to distribute a solid, not a single frame lost :) 
telemetry feed to the control stations
and anyone else interested.

Anyone could participate. Even if one gets just a single frame from the big 
bird, that frame could be one that no-one
else heard as 100% copy.

In the future developments, as IP multicast is being activated more and 
more all over the net, it might be a nice idea
to set up a multicast feed of the telemetry. Then there would be very nice 
possibilities to distribute the telemetry
data to 1000:s of recipients with minimal network resources consumed.

Any thoughts on this?

--Kauto OH2LFM

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