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G3RUH Demodulator Questions

I have a G3RUH telemetry demodulator that experienced a lightning strike
back in the AO-13 days.
I dusted it off and replaced as many of the CMOS chips I could find and
tested it. It seems to be
trying to work ie the Tuning LED is functioning along with the 3 other LEDs,
when I tune the telem
sig from AO-40. But, there is no data getting to the computer. My questions
are as follows,

1) When you add power to the modem will it send data to the computer like a
TNC, or only when
     decoding a signal?
2) Are there any settings in Win 98 that I should be aware of that would
keep P3T from receiving
     data from the modem?
3) Any recommendations of a simple DOS Terminal program that I could use to
4) I've lost all the info I had on the demodulator. If someone could scan
and email the schematic
     and user instructions I would be forever grateful!

I know it's a long shot getting this thing to work after being in a shack
that had a lightning strike
but I was able to revive my Trakbox maybe I can get lucky twice!

73's Larry W0FLY

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