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AO-40 Telemetry


I've decided to try an experiment.  I've got my station auto tracking
AO-40 and I've got the audio on the net if you want to listen to it and
I've got my telemetry on the net.

Here is how to get to it.

take a mp3 player, winamp, xmms (linux), real, wmp, etc and do a
file/open url
Enter http://audio.highrf.com/live or http://audio.highrf.com/icy_0
/live is a 16K stream and /icy_0 is an 8K stream

There are two ways.  You can telnet to port 8081 on audio.highrf.com.
This will give you the actual live data, mostly nonprintable characters,
but you will see the ascii messages.

Or, the better way, go get p3t.exe (I don't have the link handy, I'm
pretty sure it's on amsat.org) and point it to audio.highrf.com port
8081.  This will actually decode the data and present it in a nice
windows interface.

Drop me a note on your success or failures with this effort.


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