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AO-40 Beacon over VK! And more SO-35 tram fun!!

Hello All!

Just had a listen for AO-40's 2m beacon on 145.898, after getting home from
work.  Signal was not moving the needle, but clear and steady on the Diamond
tri band vertical(!) in SSB mode.  On FM, it was barely audible.  I got out the
2 element beam I use for SO-35, out the HT on and got a steady beacon
(polarisation was vertical and steady, BTW).  Incidentally, I could also hear
the beacon (just) on a 1/4 wave on the HT, if I picked my position!

FYI, AO-40 was 43000 km away at 13 degrees elevation in the western sky, just
before it reached its maximum distance of 44000 km.

Not a bad result!  Looking forward to being able to work this one.

On a different note, a very successful tram mobile session on SO-35 this
afternoon (Fri 06:18 - 06:29z), working several stations.  The eQSLs will be
flying soon. ;-)

Tony, VK3JED

.. in my spare time.
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