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Re: P3D at lunch...

If nobody else has already written a PC soundcard demod for P3D 400bps
telemetry, I suppose it's time that I do it. I see no good reason to
use customized hardware to do a job that can be done so easily in

Anybody know of anybody else having done this? If not, does anybody
have a good digital recording of a few frames of telemetry that I can
use for testing?

I need the carrier somewhere near the middle of the audio passband (so
both BPSK sidebands fit within the receiver passband), and the
recording should be linear PCM, *not* RealAudio, MP3 or any other
compressed format. Ideally the recording should be made directly from
a receiver, so there's no tape wow or flutter to contend with.


Phil, KA9Q

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