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P3D at lunch...

From:   Ed Krome, 71611,76
To:     AMSAT, INTERNET:amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
Date:   11/16/2000  1:21 PM

RE:     P3D at lunch...

Oh, man, came home for lunch; turned on the boxes, pointed the aluminum and
P3D is just roaring in in Indiana. 
Used my old G3RUH 400 baud psk telemetry demodulator (hasn't been turned on
since the demise of AO13) and W4SM's P3T program (awesome) bolted to a
TS430S with homebrew 2M converter,  and the telemetry came in just fine,
first time; no tweaking at all! Is this thing gonna be fun....
Danke Karl und alles!

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