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RE: AMSAT.ORG overload

I'd suggest that people looking for instant updates on the AO-40 situation
try IRC.  The use of IRC will reduce the number of small messages on the BB
and provide quicker responses for those seeking status reports.  I have
posted the details to the list in the past 24 hours, but for those who have
missed it, here they are again.

IRC net - Chatnet (chatnet.org)  I'm using the server:  
portland.or.us.chatnet.org, port 6667
Channel  #amsat

> Many messages to AMSAT-BB (and to majordomo and other lists 
> on amsat.org) 
> have been dropped in the last few days, due to the unprecedented load 
> caused by the AO-40 launch. This has caused an overload on 
> the AMSAT.ORG 
> system, which is overdue for a hardware upgrade (coming soon!).

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