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Hi All:

Following its successful launch at 0107Z November 16, 2000 the spacecraft so
many have been working on for the past 10 years, now has a new name.  We
have been calling it Phase 3D for far too long.

Henceforth it will take in place in the long line of OSCARs, satellites
built by the Amateur Radio community for the Amateur Radio community
throughout the world.

Dr. Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC Project Leader for Phase 3D, has officially
requested it be given an OSCAR number, and under the authority vested in me
by our new AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH to be the "Keeper of
the OSCAR Numbers", I hereby christen our newest, and proudest bird,
AMSAT-OSCAR 40.  It is certain to be known as AO-40.

AMSAT-OSCAR 40 is dedicated to the memory of one of its principal builders
Werner Haas, DJ5KQ and operates under the call sign DP0WH,  the "WH", of
course being Werner's initials.   .

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in any way to this
wonderful achievement.

73 ES CU on AO-40,

Bill Tynan W3XO
AMSAT-NA Past President
& currently Chairman of the Board

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