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P3D Heard!

Hello All!

Just got word that P3D has been heard, but on 2m, not the anticipated 70cm, so
there might be a hitch with the 70cm beacon.

Anyway, I was on the #amsat IRC channel when the news broke, and the transcript
follows.  Unfortunately, the bird set 2 hours ago, so I'm unable to confirm

Here's the transcript.  All timestamps are in Australian Eastern Daylight
Savings Time (UTC + 11 hours).

[21:09] <OH2LFM> YES!
[21:09] <OH2LFM> YES YES YES!
<VK3JED-H> go on
[21:10] <OH2LFM> Middle beacon at 2m LOUD
<VK3JED-H> wot's the news?
[21:10] <OH2LFM> reports AMSAT-D
[21:10] <OH2LFM> reports AMSAT-E
[21:10] <OH2LFM> reports AMSAT-DE
<VK3JED-H> good news! :)
[21:11] <OH2LFM> translation from web: "After initial problems now the middle
beacon of the IHU-2 transmits to 2
[21:11] <OH2LFM> m (145.898 MHz).  The signals are very loud and could be taken
[21:11] <OH2LFM> despite omnidirectional antenna at the satellite at 7 Ele Yagi
[21:11] <OH2LFM> without mast preamplifiers.

Tony, VK3JED
|Fidonet:  Tony Langdon 3:633/284.18
|Internet: tlang@freeway.apana.org.au
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