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Re: Fw: IT fix

murphree1@ispchannel.com (Mike Murphree) writes:

> > InstantTrack is the only tracking software I use. I evaluate other ones 
> > from time to time to see whats new, but I love InstantTrack. The new 
> > version 1.5 added some new features. People like InstantTrack because it's 
> > fast, compact, and easy to use.
> Couldn't conclusively tell from the FAQ, will it
> run on the HP100LX/200LX series of palmtops?

Yes.  You need to use 'itncp' since these palmtops do not have floating point
hardware.  Works fine, though I haven't tried 1.5 on my 200lx yet...  I'm
looking forward to the upcoming ITUNE release, IT 1.5 with ITUNE talking to
my FT-100 from a 200lx just sounds too cool...

73 - Bdale, KB0G

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