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Re: FT-847 CAT

At 08:07 PM 11/14/00 +0000, you wrote:
>Isn't that the pits. 
> I confirmed your experiment this morning.
>Here is an alternate strategy that I will try to implement -
>Compute the offset, put the most significant part into repeater offset,
>move the main
>vfo by the least significant part then transmit. After transmit, reset the
>main vfo to the 
>calculated downlink ground frequency. Since this is half-duplex, it might work.

Hi Jerry,
Not sure I follow this completely but I do know that if you send the commands
to set the main vfo or offset while transmitting, it does not change the 
transmit frequency. This is true even when in "normal" (non-split) mode. 
After you release the PTT, whatever change you made then happens.

The only algorithm I can come up with that might work is to control 
the radio's PTT via the CAT from your computer keyboard. Then the SW can
just set the main vfo before turning on PTT (transmitting) and 
set it back when you want to receive. This is so ugly from an operating
standpoint that I need a discomfort bag just to think about it, but it 
might work. The question is, "is it worth the trouble?" If you use a
tracking program like InstantTrack, you can just set the TX Doppler using
the SUB-TUNE knob and fine tune the RX for best signal. I'll chew on it.


Tony AA2TX@amsat.org
North Andover, MA

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