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Re: Fwd: DSP-2232/P3T question

At 07:23 PM 2000-11-14 -0500, Charles E. Heisler wrote:
>     Does any one know if P3T.exe needs the sync vector?  As you can see
>below this message from Bob, N4HY is part of a discussion on the
>DSP-2232 reflector regarding the 400 bps modem in the 2232 and it's
>compatibility with Stacey Mills P3T.
>         Thanks,
>             Charlie
>>The DSP2232 decodes the entire data frame but ONLY the
>>data frame.  The sync vector is NOT transmitted.
>>If P3T.exe needs the sync vector, it will not work.
>>I might be able to add the transmission of the
>>sync vector if this is required.
>>Bob, N4HY

No, it does NOT need the sync vector.  I tried to reply to this via the 
dsp2232 reflector, but for some reason, it doesn't recognize me for sending 
any more, though I still receive.

At any rate, what the DSP-2232 is missing are the two CRCC's at the end of 
the 512 byte data block.  Thus, the blocks are actually 514 bytes long, and 
the DSP-2232 grabs only the first 512.  Therefore, there is no way to tell 
if the block is corrupted.  This was a problem in the past with the DSP-12, 
but Bent Bagger updated the code.  An update for the DSP-2232 would be nice 
as well.

P3T.exe will work with the DSP-2232 in the current mode but the modem type 
must be set to "512" instead of "514"... and all of the blocks will be 
marked as "failed" in their logging.

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