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Re: ISS tracking

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Mac wrote:
> I showed a good pass this AM at 7:24 EDT.. didn't hear a peep... however at
> 8:02 EDT I heard the Russian stuff on 143.625...  how can I be off by 38
> mins??? I have blown the time conversion before, but was off by an hour, not
> 38 mins!?!?! My ISS Keps are set 269 dated 11/9/2000 .. have they shifted
> the orbit that far?.. If so, where can we get more current Keps?

A sidenote:  As the orbital period of ISS is 92 minutes, a 1 hour clock 
difference error due to daylight savings mis-setting can disguise itself 
as 92 - 60 = 32 minutes or so apparent difference.

Jim  N1DUY@amsat.org

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