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P3D telemetry at 9600 baud/435.950

Just to share this information....I'm assuming it is still the plan.

from http://www.uk.amsat.org/p3d_9k6.htm
"A data collection program will be loaded to the IHU-2 before launch and 
will run from liftoff until 10 minutes after separation from the Ariane 
rocket. Photos (JPEG compressed), microphone and 3-axis accelerometer data 
will be collected, totalling 8 MBytes, a recording of 488sec duration.

That data will be downlinked at 9600 bps FSK in asynchronous 8N1 serial 
format, with randomiser and NRZI encoding as per packet radio conventions, 
on 435.950 MHz.

The data is in 512 byte blocks, separated by a few ms gap, and it repeats 
every 2.5 hours (approximately). Each block begins with the string "D OH"."

And based on information here:
it seems like the place to listen for the 400 bpsk beacon would be either
435.450, 435.600, or 435.850 MHz.

Can anybody confirm these frequencies?

Thanks and 73,

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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