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Successfully tested P3t with DSP-12

Hello from Germany,

today I tested my DSP-12 with the P3t telemetry program.
After some tries I had full success.

Those steps I made:

- getting the .wav files from TAPR.ORG
- getting the GCE201.ZIP from AMSAT (new? softare for DSP-12)
- made new EPROM's
- tested with 'old' (2.0) software (no CRC !)

1. Problem: P3t seems only to work with 2400 baud !? I was not able to
   switch the baudrate.
2. Problem: In the DSP-12 all serial parameters have to be set right:
   - 2400, 8, N, 1
   - NO 'LF' added after 'CR'
   - NO 'CR' added after 80 characters

- then it worked
- also afterwards worked with 'new' DSP-12 software (2.01)

So, now I cross my fingers for tonight...

73, Martin DL9SAD

EMAIL: dl9sad@amsat.org
URL: http://www.amsat-dl.org/vertrieb/

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