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Re: Headset monitor at 9600?

At 07:04 AM 11/13/00 -0600, you wrote:
>on 11/12/00 5:51 PM, Dale Coleman at kf4sir@earthlink.net wrote:
>> I'm trying to hook up a new Alinco DR-605TQ to my new TNC3S and want to be
>> able to use a headset to monitor the received signal.  All is well until I
>> switch the Alinco into the 9600 mode, once this is done I can't used the SP
>> output. If I try the rig locks up and goes into TX.
>Probably won't be able to.  The audio filters in a rig are what screw up
>high speed packet.  So they bypass them.  Now, some rigs do let you monitor
>the signal on the speaker while using 9600 (FT-847 for one).  But it appears
>yours switches the audio signal between the two respective paths instead of
>just splitting it.

Hi Jon and the rest of the list, thanks for the help. I called Alinco about
this and found out I will not be able to get any audio when in the 9600 mode.
>It is nice to be able to hear it, but I don't think you gain much from it.
>It's just bursts of white noise. 

My Kenwood TH-7 HT does 9600 and keeps the speaker on. I'm just starting
out on the satellites and have found that the audio really helps me fine
turn the Doppler and the antenna polarization.  My main interest is
portable packet operations and I'm using a Arrow hand held beam.  I believe
it will be very hard to use this beam without audio.

Why not just use my TH-7?  From what I have read so far it does not support
KISS very well, and does not have fast enough serial port (9600) is a fast
as it can go and this causes overrun errors.

I took the Alinco back to the store and will look into the FT-847.

Anybody know of other rigs I should take a look at?

Thanks again and take care,


>The most benefit I had was when I was able
>to hear some guys using my local packet cluster frequency for their FM voice
>simplex (it IS a packet channel NOT a voice channel).  I requested they
>move, but that did no good!
>Jon Ogden
>NA9D (ex: KE9NA)
>"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."
Dale Coleman
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