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Satellite System Items for sale

Due to an upcoming relocation, I find it necessary to part with most of my
station components. Before I post these on Ebay I thought I'd see if someone
frequenting this group could make use of these things. If you are interested
please email me privately. Forgive me if this is considered off topic.

M2 2mCP22 22 element cross polarized 2m satellite antenna - $125
M2 436CP42UG 42 element cross polarized 70 cm satellite antenna - $125

Autek VHF Analyst RF-5   $175

Yaesu G5500 Az -El rotators with controller $400
Yaesu GS-232 computer interface for G5500 $350

SSB SP2000 2m low noise preamp   $150
SSB SP7000 70cm low noise preamp $150

Glen Martin 8 foot roof mounted tower RT-832  $125

Symek TNC3S dual port TNC (1200/9600 baud) $250

M2 6M3 6 meter antenna new in unopened original box $75

various low loss coax cables and control wiring.
All of these components are 6 months or less old and in great working

Shipping is extra.


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