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Hear Ye AMSAT, Rejoice, This is a glorious day!

This is the day we've been waiting for. The WX looks good in Guiana, at 
least on the www.weather.com website.

     I'd like to thank everyone on the launch team for a job well done. 
Thanks for all the long hours with chemicals etching circuit boards, thanks 
for all the long hours with a soldering iron smelling burning solder. 
Thanks for your numerous trips over the oceans with schematics, engineering 
plans & hardware. Thanks for your time as unpaid professionals.
   Thanks to all who supported AMSAT with donations and time to keep the 
project moving. Thanks also to Amsat members who publicized the Project 
with articles in amateur magazines and satellite programs at meetings and 
    Thanks also to those that supported P3D but will never hear its 
transmitters from space as they are no longer with us, but their enthusiasm 
and support of the project should never be forgotten.  Thanks to AMSAT 
board members and officers worldwide that helped coordinate all the pieces 
coming together.
   And finally, thanks to Arianespace. I studied the photos on the Amsat-DL 
website, and it can clearly be seen that what Arianespace is doing for 
Amsat is no small thing.

73 & Thanks

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