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Phase-3d Launch Net Voice over Internet

Phase-3D Launch NET Voice over Internet.
Goto here www.ik1sld.org or www.alain.it  for information.


on www.alain.it and www.ik1sld.org is now possible to make QSO (on voice) in
realtime over the net.
For now I have setup 3 main thematic channels:
1) ISS/MIR Tracking Network
2) DX Hunters Clan
3) P3D Launch Watch

All you need to join is your PC connected to the Internet, a sound card with
microphone, and a little program (the famous Roger Wilco wich takes only
Once you have installed the program all you have to do is come on the page
and click on the QSO you wish to join.
First scheduled rendevouz will be during P3D launch Nov 15, 01.07 UTC of
course on 3rd channel.
We also plan to realize a World-Wide network to retransmit ISS conversations
over the 1st channel for everyone to listen to anytime anywhere.

Your comments welcomed on my email address: alain@alain.it

Best 73's

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