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RE: ISA/PCI Questions

> Another good reason to move everything to USB.

USB is nice, but that means a major upgrade for me, as I run NT on the main
box (Win98 is too lightweight for my needs :( ).  And upgrading to Win2k
means a major round of hardware upgrades - more RAM (at least 128M), faster
CPU, so new MB, case, power supply, and so on. ;-)  And to throw in a CD
burner while I'm at it (so I can offload all my satellite .WAVs to CD). :)

Might be a little while off, but it's on the mid term drawing board.  I am a
bit lucky, I can use the upgrade for work purposes (even if only
self-training on Win2K), so it adds to my tax refund. ;-)

Oh well, time to set some funds aside, by the looks of it...
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