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Fwd: Re: Fwd: Non-Amateur Interference to AO-27 Operations

>From: "Ing. Alejandro Pereida" <xe2bss@xe2bss.mxl.uabc.mx>

>Subject: Re: Fwd: Non-Amateur Interference to AO-27 Operations
>Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 16:44:22 -0800 (PST)
>Hello Gentlemen:
>As for the very few XE's Oscar operators I can asure you that we can work
>as hard as possible to monitor and track all possible illegal activity on
>the "birds". Here in northwest Mexico our best and constant operator is
>XE2CK Hector Solorzano (xe2ck@amsat.org), in fact it was thanks to him
>that we were able locate this San Luis Sonora taxi cabs pirates on 145.845
>Mhz. In this case CoFeTel "apparently" took action against this pirates, I
>received an answer to my petition to Cofetel to move this pirates and
>certanly they moved away from the vicinity of AO-27's uplink.
>I say "apparently" because recently we found out (XE2BOA and I) that the
>same taxi cab drivers only moved a few kilocicles away, now they are on
>145.970 Mhz, So even though now the problem as moved from being
>International to being just a local problem, it stills a federal felony
>AND the possibility that in this "new" frequency, this pirates could
>bother an uplink for the ISS or Space shuttle missions. We do feel that
>COFETEL (Federal Commision of Telecommunications) DID NOT ITS JOB
>CORRECTLY because we expected that this taxi cab drivers were going to be
>moved OUT of the 144 -148 ham radio band. At least this taxi cab drivers
>are not bothering AO-27 uplink which only partially solves the piracy
>problem on this "bird".
>Now in the case of UO-14, XE2CK Hector as detected at least 3 different
>sources of pirate interference to the uplink, one of them apparently being
>generated from a Security Agency in Mexico city, it may be very possible
>to identify  some of the sources but of course it will take us some
>more time before we can be sure of who they are.
>I'll be reporting any information to Martin Potter VE3OAT who is IARU
>coordinator for Monitoring Stations as I been doing in the past.
>The best way to attack piracy problems here in Mexico is to directly send
>a message to COFETEL in Mexico city, trying to get help from F.M.R.E
>(Mexican Federation of Radio Experimenters) is definitly a BIG WASTE OF
>73 to all de XE2BSS Alejandro Pereida

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