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SEC: UNCLASSIFIED - More on the Newspaper Article - Phase 3D

I thank all those who have written comments on my article about Phase 3D. 
I thank Bruce Paige for publishing it to the AMSAT-BB List. I was going to
wait for someone to ask...

For some I got it about right, and I thank them for their support.

For others, I got some details wrong. It shows, again, that "you can't win
them all." ('them' being what you try to achieve)
If I have facts wrong then I will - of course - correct the web-published
version(s). The newspaper version is already in the paper recycling bins.
Where SHOULD I look for the facts?
Please tell me quickly - - THE OPPORTUNITY CLOCK IS TICKING.

In my defence...
I have not set out to get things wrong. I have tried to answer a lack of
information on Amateur Radio in general, and Amateur satellite technology in
particular, by 'exploiting' an obvious news opportunity. 

About a year ago I was asked to do publicity for the local Amateur Radio
scene (last year or early this year) by the President of our local Amateur
Radio organisation of which I am a member. The Australian Capital Territory
has a population of ~300,000 and a regional population of ~400,000. We are
in effect the local AR club. In fact, we are an autonomous 'Division'
http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org <http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org>  of the Wireless
Institute of Australia http://www.wia.org.au <http://www.wia.org.au>  . We
do great things, and no-one knew about it. 

I have used access gained by me, now over several years of publicising
several community organisations, to get TWO stories in the local newspaper
this last week. 

Firstly, we took down the log-periodic at the Swedish Embassy in Canberra,
the Capital city of Australia, and had a photo and story (~15cm x 2
columns). Details were wrong, but that's journalists for you. ("you can't
win them all.")

I was promised ('given') a double-page tabloid spread in a feature insert
(even though I thought it was a 'broadsheet' spread) in a major newspaper of
note in our country. It is the equivalent of getting two pages in the
Washington Post. Not everyone in Australia reads the Canberra Times, like
not everyone in the USA reads the Washington Post. But, you can guarantee
that other newspapers in the USA read the Washington Post; like here "The
Sydney Morning Herald", "The Australian", and Melbourne's "Age" also look
for what's news in the Canberra Times! 

So, Amateur Radio has "made it" onto our national scene!
I'm yet to hear from the local station of our national broadcaster (the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, paid for by the national government the
BBC is in Britain.) But, I'll not be surprised to get a call around
mid-week. Specially after I send out my media release Tuesday night...

However, this is not about big-noting Peter Ellis. 

I gathered the information from seemingly reputable sources. 
http://www.amsat.org <http://www.amsat.org> 
http://www.amsat-dl.org <http://www.amsat-dl.org> 
http://www.arianespace.com <http://www.arianespace.com> 
Peter Gulzow (thanks!) & Wilfried Gladisch in Kourou
Richard Limbear (thanks!)
and a few other assorted places

Where next to get the good information?



Peter Ellis
Publicity Office
Email: publicity@vk1.wia.ampr.org <mailto:publicity@vk1.wia.ampr.org> 
URL: http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org

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