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Headset monitor at 9600?

Hi all, I was working on my new FM packet satellite station this weekend
and managed to get a lot of the pics working but found something I had not

I'm trying to hook up a new Alinco DR-605TQ to my new TNC3S and want to be
able to use a headset to monitor the received signal.  All is well until I
switch the Alinco into the 9600 mode, once this is done I can't used the SP
output. If I try the rig locks up and goes into TX.

Also - the PTT does not work when in 9600 mode and after a lot of trouble
shooting I believe the problem is within the rig.

Don't think the PTT problem has anything to do with the headset.  The
wiring schematic shows the SP output not being used when in 9600 mode.

It does not look like I will be able to use a headset when the rig is in
the 9600 mode but I just wanted to ask and see if anybody has any ideas I
should look into.

Thanks, Dale KF4SIR
Dale Coleman
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