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RE: ISA/PCI Questions

> Why buy one? Get a motherboard and build your own. I just 
> built a new system
> for Slot 1 chips that has both PCI and ISA slots. It's really 
> not all that
> hard, however it's not really cheaper than buying a complete 
> system. At
> least when you build one, you get *everything* you want (don't have to
> upgrade anything)

Indeed, In fact, I've _never_ bought a PC as such (and owned one for close
to 10 years), just bits and pieces along the way.  Might have to buy the
bulk of a system for my next upgrade (at least case, power supply and system
board), due to the shift towards ATX case/power supply combinations.  My
original PC was built up from a heap of parts that I scrounged, and it's
slowly evolved since.  No original parts are left today, but the identity
lives on. :-)

Also strikes me as a rather "ham" way of aquiring a computer as well - home
brewing! :-)
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