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RE: p3d launch article

> The gentleman mentioned as the author of the article, Peter 
> Ellis, did ask on this
> reflector for info about everything mentioned in the article. 
> The only problem that
> Peter had was that he did not have much time to write the 
> article in and had asked
> for genuine info from everyone invovled.

Indeed, I remmeber seeing the request on at least 2 separte occasions.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to assist either.

> Based on what I do know and understand, Peter did a very good 
> job on the article
> from what Bruce posted in the initial message about what he recieved.

I think the article, overall does a good job at putting a positive spin on
our hobby, and shows us at the forefront of satellite communications.  I
saved a copy of the message so I can have a read.

> Now may we get on with how everyone is going to take this 
> FREE publicity and put it
> to good use for AMSATs benefit?

Good point!  It's good publicity, might as well get good mileage out of it.
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