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successes with P3T.exe and AMSAT/TAPR DSP-93 and TAPR DSP56002EVM tests

Hello all,

I'd like to share some reports of success with Stacey's recently release 
P3T telemetry program.

I have been able to play a P3D audio wave file into both my AMSAT/TAPR 
DSP-93 and TAPR DSP56002EVM units and decode the data :-)

Below are two rather big (256k) .jpg files from desktop snap shots showing 
the data decoded with both units.  (They are 1280x1024, so you 640x480 
desktop users will be moving around a lot.)



Basic setup is to play the P3D audio wave file with my sound card/Windows 
Media Player into either DSP unit with P3T running.

The only caveat I have found is that the DSP-93 runs at 1200 baud serial 
out, while the DSP56002EVM runs at 57600 out (as I have it 
configured).  The program P3T seems to work at both serial speeds, but I 
had to EXIT the P3T program after changing the serial speeds, so pay 
attention to that detail if you are messing with serial port speeds as I 
have been doing.

As far as I can tell, the units are decoding the data the same.  They are 
either both right, or both wrong ;-)  I prefer the former!!

Currently, I have the following ready for the launch:

DSP-93 running 400 bpsk decoder
DSP56002EVM  running 400 bpsk decoder
DSP56002EVM running 9k6 raw telemetry decoder

Now, if I only had orbital elements and a real signal on a known frequency, 
I'd be set!

Great job by the DSP programmers that wrote the 400 psk code, and Stacey 
for releasing P3T soon enough for some testing before launch!   Many, many 

These are exciting times indeed.


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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