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Home Brew P3D Antennas, Just In Time

I have updated my web page to include the antennas I recently built for P3D.  
Yes, I finally took the venerable Texas Potato Masher II antennas down 
(needed a new coat of paint anyway).  I have had a pair of small V/UHF beams 
up the last week.  They are both built on a 32" boom, using PVC pipe, #10 
wire, and 1/4" aluminum tubing (another HomeDepot special).  The 70 cm beam 
is 6x6 elements and the 2 m beam is 3x3 elements.  They are "small" because I 
live in a deed-restricted neighborhood--so they fit between my HF dipoles and 
the chimney and don't extend above the roofline.  Anyone interested in home 
brewing antennas for P3D, please see:  

Best viewed in 1024 x 768, click on "2 m & 70 cm Yagi"
Jerry, K5OE 
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